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Dylan Fitzgerald
has left HA, and you cannot RP with them anymore. sorry.

General Information
Gender Male.
Age 16
Hair Color Brownish-Blackish
Eye Color Blueish-Greenish-Greyish
Date of Birth November 9, 1996
Height 5'9
Weight No.
Address 1234 Sesame Street.
Occupation(s) I own millions. The only work I do is counting my money.
Nickname(s) Dyl
Relationships with Others
Family No parents. No siblings. So, no one.
Friends I hear there's not many guys here, so, we'll see.
Romances I hear there's many girls here, so, we'll see.
Enemies I hear there's many nerds here, so, we'll see.
Personal Information
Interests Anything that isn't stupid.
School HA.
Talent(s) Football, singing, dancing
Weaknesses No.
Role-playing Information
First Appeared 11/9/12
Last Appeared 11/10/12
Portrayed by  coreyy ♔message my wall. xD 


  • Hair Colour: Brownish-Blackish
  • Eye Colour: Blueish/Greenish/Greyish
  • Trademark: My awesomeness.

I dress like a dude.


Estranged ParentsEdit

Yeah. Those bitches I call my mother and mother decided to become assholes. So, I moved in with my aunt, who's slightly less of a bitch than them.


Why the hell should I give you my back-story?


I'm an athlete, so I'm constantly talking about sports. I sing and dance a little. I'm flirtatious, if you're a hot girl, I'll acknowledge that and try to have sex with you. Yeah. I'm not the type for a relationship. I'm the type to flirt you up, have sex a couple of times, then never talk to you again. Eh, I regret nothing.

Relationships With Other StudentsEdit

Andre HarrisEdit

I hate him.

Beck OliverEdit

I hate him.

Cat ValentineEdit

She's kinda annoying, but she's hot.

Jade WestEdit

She's hot.

Robbie ShapiroEdit

I hate him.

Tori VegaEdit

I hate her, but she's hot.

Trina VegaEdit

I hate her, but she's hot.

Other PeopleEdit

I don't know you people.


  • I hate trivia.

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