Desirae McCallister
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Dezi McCallister


♡ dezi the deranged ♡ – Child of two people, yeah.
– Dancer, Actress, Singer

 – You wanna rock like us, cause we're never second place.

Hiiiii. I'm Dezi. Read on or move on.


Hair Colour: Black/Brown

Eye Colour: Brown

Trademark: My height and hair.

I dress uber-girly. I'm always wearing bright colors, colorful graphics, and loud skinny jeans.


Raquel McCallisterEdit

My mom. I have nothing much to say about her. She's nice, we never had a bad relationship. Yeah.

Ty McCallisterEdit

My dad. He was a NBA player a few years before Jordan was born. He suffered a career-ending injury just a year before he met my mother. They started a family, and the rest was history.

Jordan McCallisterEdit

He was my brother. He was killed by some "collecters" in an alley when he was 15. He was a street thug, and he basically owned the streets of Chicago. He placed bets, he sold drugs, he did everything. He placed a bad bet once, and the men said he gotta pay up. He didn't have the money. You can guess what happens next.


Born in Chicago, I lived there for a few years. My older brother Jordan got into some things like hustling, drug dealing, murdering, you get the idea. He taught me how to work the streets, and how to defend myself. Sadly, he was killed a week later. A month after his funeral, my depressed mom and dad moved us to California so that I wouldn't have the same fate. I was 8. So, there, I took dance lessons. I was really good. I met my friend Anastasia, who got me into singing. When I was 11, my dad opened McCallister's Shoe Store. Two years after that, I came here.


Well, I'm street-smart because my older-brother taught me to ways of the streets before he... Anyways, I'm also book-smart, averaging a 4.0. I'm constantly picked on for being smart, tall, and being black. But, watch out. I don't like using it, but my brother taught me how to box. Yeah.

Relationships With Other StudentsEdit

Andre HarrisEdit

Good musician.

Beck OliverEdit

Hot, but aloof.

Cat ValentineEdit


Jade WestEdit

She called me Stretch and walked away. Haven't talked to her since.

Robbie ShapiroEdit

I hear he's a nerd, but I'm smart, but I don't want to be called a nerd by association. I'm conflicted.

Tori VegaEdit

I blew up on her after she tried to attack me for slapping Trina. Enemies.

Trina VegaEdit

I slapped her. Not good friends.

Other PeopleEdit

Anastasia KingEdit

She's my best friend from my old school.


  • I'm a straight A student.

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