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David Strider
Has been kicked out for their poor attendance. You cannot RP with them anymore.

David Strider
General Information
Gender: male
Age: 13
Hair Color: Blackish-brownish
Eye Color: Brown, I guess.
Birthday: 9/9/98
Height: 5'0
Weight: idk
Address: Stalker. -.-
Occupation(s): Student.
Aliases: Strider
Family & Friends
Family: Nicole and John Strider
Friends: Kaleb Brown
Relationships: lolno.
Enemies: no
Other Information
Interests: Homestuck (ironic,huh?), filmmaking, games, more stuff
Education: Hollywood Arts
Talent: Being ironic filmmaking
Weaknesses: lolidk


Hair color: Brownish-blackish

Eye color: brown

Trademark: I have more freckles than most peeps...

no comment on the matter. I DON'T CARE.


Nicole StriderEdit

My mom. She's pretty cool, I guess.

John StriderEdit

welll what can I say? My dad and I are freaking close. He taught me everything I know about all of my interests.


I was born in New York City. Manhattan, to be precise. I lived in the same apartment until I was seven, that's when we moved to Los Angeles so my mom could pursue a acting career, and my dad could become a technical producer, It worked out fine and we quickly became a well-known family. Not famous. Just well-known.

I started calling myself "Strider" in the 6th grade, 2 years ago, since there were so many Davids in my grade.

Now on the subject of how I'm a 13 year old in high school?

Well, I skipped 8th grade, the grade I should be in. /end of story/


I have that "I just don't care" kind of personality on the outside, but in reality I'm very prankstery and sarcastic.

Relationships with other charactersEdit

Best Friends: Edit

Kaleb Brown


  • I love Homestuck, and some people say I act a bit like Dave Strider.(that's another reason I go by Strider. cuz of Dave Strider)
  • I love technical producing,and I am very good at working a camera.

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