Clare Bennett's House

NOTE: This is a roleplaying location and you may start a new RP in the comments below. Have fun!

Well, hello again creepy stalker. This is my house, where I live with my mom, and I like to spend my time. You're not really welcome, but just to make mom happy, you're all welcome to come visit, then like, leave. Kthxbai

Well, first up, this is my room. You can't see my desk, but you can kinda see my old tv in the reflection of the mirror.


And this is mumsies' room. She has a better TV, but I have an air conditioner, so I win.


And this is my holy land kitchen. If you don't know what a kitchen is, please go away.


I don't know why you want to see this creep but this is my bathroom.


This is the living area, where I'll stay sometimes to read a book or watch TV with mom.


And finally, here's my awesome backyard which I don't go out to much. It used to be shadeless, but my mom put them out there to encourage me to go outside. Now I mostly go there to paint or read.


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