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Claire Millington
has left HA, and you cannot RP with them anymore. sorry.

Claire Diana Millington
General Information
Gender Female.
Age 16
Hair Color Brown.
Eye Color Brown.
Date of Birth July 31, 1996
Height I'm tall.
Weight Why is this important?
Address ^
Occupation(s) ^^
Nickname(s) Diana
Relationships with Others
Family Vivienne Millington (mother), Harold Millington (father)
Friends People.
Romances Relationships are a waste of time.
Pet(s) No pets.
Enemies People.
Personal Information
Interests Things.
Talent(s) Singing, acting, writing
Weaknesses No.
Role-playing Information
First Appeared 2/19/13
Portrayed by  coreyy ♔message my wall. xD  and Troian Bellisario.


Titanium. ♥ – Child of rich parents
You shout it out, but I can't hear a word you say. I'm talking loud, not saying much. I'm criticized, but, all your bullets ricochet. You shoot me down, but I get up.

 I'm bulletproof, nothing to lose. Fire away, fire away. Ricochet, take your aim. Fire away, fire away. You shoot me down, but I won't fall. I am titanium. You shoot me down, but I won't fall. I am titanium.



  • Hair Colour: Brown.
  • Eye Colour: Brown.
  • Trademark: Nothing...I'm not really interesting.

I dress ladylike. Uh, I like to wear feminine clothes, and that's about it.


Vivienne MillingtonEdit

Mother. I don't really talk to her, but she's not bad.

Harold MillingtonEdit

Father. Same for him, really, but I talk to him more than I do with mother.


Dude, my history isn't important.


Well, I'm nice and cool to be around, but I can be a real downer. I'm kinda a tomboy, and I'm not very feminine...but I'm girly to an extent, though. I'm really smart, I've never made anything less than an A-. Actually, I don't have a personality, so...moving on.

Relationships With Other StudentsEdit

They're all weird.

Other PeopleEdit

Friends are going to leave eventually anyway, so...why have them?


  • Eh, life doesn't really interest me.
  • Troian Bellisario is amazing.
  • I love food.
  • I like sports and academics.

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