Cheerleading Squad


Hey, there! It's the captain of the HA Cheer Squad, Aubrey Everrett! And here's the HA co-captain of the HA Cheer Squad, Kelly Jones speaking! Do you think you got some cheer skills? Then you should audition for the HA Cheerleading Squad on January 5,2013!

  • The auditions for the the squad, which is going to be on January 5, 2013 after school till 5 o'clock.

  • Respect Aubrey, other members, and me.
  • If you are late more than three times, you're out of the squad.
  • You cannot join the team when auditions are over.
  • If you are absent more than three times you're out of the squad.

  • Make sure you are felxible. We are going to do things that involve the splits, cartwheels, handstands, etc.
  • If you make the squad, make sure to bring your cheerleading uniform and some water.

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