C.C. Portwood
General Information
Gender: Female, duh? You see the picture don't act stupid!
Age: 16
Hair Color: It changes, sometimes it's a darkish blond or red.
Eye Color: Hay-zel! [Hazel,lol]
Birthday: November 22nd
Height: A little too personal..
Weight: Waaayy too personal O.o
Address: None of your beezwax honey.
Occupation(s): A student,actress, and a big sister.
Aliases: C.C.or sometimes "The Southern Belle."
Family & Friends
Family: A Ma and Pa and a lil bro.
Friends: Just got here, none yet.
Relationships: Single and have always been.
Pet(s): I've got a whole farm, yes siree! Chickens,Pigs,Cows,and even a few horses!
Enemies: See 'Friends'
Other Information
Interests: Farming, acting, playing with little brother.
Education: H.A., baby!
Talent: Acting, working on the singing
Weaknesses: Not weak, forever strong.
Role-playing Information
First appearance: When I popped outta my momma!
Last appearance: When the casket drops
Portrayer: I know,my southern belle impression sucks but YOU DON'T JUDGE ME

I'm C.C., thanks for taking time out of your day to visit my profile! You sweet lil' thang. :)


Hair Colour: Natural Brunette

Eye Colour:Hazel

Trademark:My sweetness!

I'm okay looking,but I don't really care what I look like,I've got a nice persona and that's all I need!


I've got a mother who can throw something down in the kitchen,a father who owns half a rodeo company,and my little brother who is 7,he's adorbs!And I've even got a whole farm in which I like to call family.


I'm from Houstan,Texas,born and raised,then I moved to L.A. because I wanted to pursue and acting career,I'm working on the singing,duet anyone?


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