Caroline Hastings
Has been kicked out for their poor attendance. You cannot RP with them anymore.

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Caroline Brittnay Alison Hastings
General Information
Gender: Girl.
Age: 16
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Blue/Green
Birthday: December 15th 1996
Height: 5'8
Weight: a girl that never tells.
Address: Nice try, stalker.
Occupation(s): Singing & Acting
Aliases: Carly, Caro-Cane.
Family & Friends
Family: Alison Hastings (mom), Brad Hastings (Dad
Friends: Tbh.
Relationships: Tbh.
Enemies: Tbh.
Other Information
Interests: PLL,Singing,Acting,Boys.
Education: HA
Talent: Acting & Singing
Weaknesses: I'm not weak.
Series Information
First appearance: 11/14/12
Last appearance: My Death duh.
Portrayer: PeaceSmileSeddie (Credit to LiveLoveDance for infobox)

Appearance Edit

Eye Color:Blue/Green

Hair Color: Blonde.

Trademark: My smirk. A lot of people tell me I look pretty. I'm like yeah I know. I only tend to be girly when I want I want to. I love when guys tell me that I'm pretty;)

Family Edit

Alison Hastings: She's my mum. I love her to death, even when she acts like a total bitch I still love her.

Brad Hasrings: He's my dad. He's soooo overprotective over me and he trys to be the "cool dad". He's just werid and I still love him.


I'm nice sometimes. If your nice to me ll' be nice to you, If you are mean to me I be a bitch right back. I'm very fluent in sarcasm, that means I'm very sarcastic to my enemies. I think I'm done.

History Edit

I don't know you.

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