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Barry Oscar Jacob
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General Information
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Hair Color: Idek
Eye Color: Idek
Birthday: March 1, 1994
Height: Idek
Weight: Idek
Address: Idel
Occupation(s): Student
Aliases: Oscar
Family & Friends
Family: Ally Jacob
Friends: I have no friends :/
Relationships: Nope :(
Enemies: Everyone in the whole world, possibly
Other Information
Interests: Stalking
Education: This schoo
Talent: Stalking
Weaknesses: Acting, Singing, Dancing

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Oscar Jacob – Child of Ally Jacob
– Student

 i'm feelin sexay and freeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

My name is Barry but I go by Oscar. I'm also known as the guy of your dreams.


Hair Colour: Brown

Trademark: My sexiness

I'm so sexy. Everyone loves me.


Ally JacobEdit

My mother. She's always trying to seperate me from girls. UNFAIR. Other than that, she's pretty awesome. :)




I'm nice, awesome, and a flirt ;) I'm not a stalker like that other guy. And a lot of girls like being around me too ;D

Other PeopleEdit

Amber MurphyEdit

I won't sleep with her :)


  • these are questions for girls
  • nice to meet you
  • have i slept with you
  • i'm curious about your period
  • do you wanna have a sex marathon
  • do you like masturbation
  • do you enjoy p*rn
  • i do
  • my penis and your vagina could be the best of friends
  • bye.

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