Ashily Summers
has graduated from HA, and you cannot RP with them anymore. sorry.

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Deep in the meadow... – Child of Ashton and Emily Summers
Deep in the meadow, under a willow. A bed of grass, a soft green pillow. Lay down your head and close your eyes. And when they open, the sun will rise.

 Here it's safe. Here it's warm. Here the daisies guard you from every harm. Here your dreams are sweet and tomorrow will bring them true. Here is the place where I love you.

Ashily Taylor Summers
General Information
Gender: I think I'm a Female
Age: 17
Hair Color: Forever blonde...but brown sometimes
Eye Color: brown
Birthday: May 9, 1995
Height: 5'6
Weight: 129 pounds
Address: ...
Occupation(s): Student, musician
Aliases: Ashily, Taylor, Ash
Family & Friends
Family: Ashton and Emily Summers, Jennifer Summers(twin)
Friends: list
Relationships: Timothy Harth
Enemies: list
Other Information
Interests: music, art, performing
Education: lol
Talent: Guitar, acting, dancing
Weaknesses: singing
Series Information
First appearance: My Birth
Last appearance: lol
Portrayer: moo


Hair Colour:blonde/brown

Eye Colour:brown


I like casual clothes as well as fancy clothes. I dye my hair brown sometimes but my natural color is blonde. I usually dress sophisticated in skirts and stuff. I like to dress up for sepcial occasions.


Ashton SummersEdit

My dad is a producer. He is sorta famous. He's a good dad although he is barely home because he goes to different places to shoot movies.

Emily SummersEdit

My mom isn't that famous. She's a makeup artist so we have tons of makeup at home. She's cool but I wish she's more supportive of me and my dreams.

Jennifer SummersEdit

Lol she's stupid.


I was born in May 9, 1996 in New York. I grew up loving music. For my eighth birthday, my dad got me a guitar and taught me how to play.

We moved to LA when I was nine for my Dad's job. There, I played guitar more. LA was the place where my mind was set to performing.

I love dance. Ever since I was twelve, I danced ballet and hip hop my whole life. My dad taught me how to dance once we moved.

I enrolled here for my freshman year with playing Safe and Sound on the guitar. The principal loved it and let me go here.

A few weeks later, Jen (my twinny), auditioned here with playing a few songs she wrote on the guitar. But now, sadly for me, she got a scholarship to some fancy private school so she had to leave. :(


I'm nice and spunky. I'm outgoing, I guess. I usually am a people person. . If you offend me, I'll burst out at you so try not to. I have my moments; I can be nice, I can be rude.

I love honesty. Even when I won't like it, I wish to hear it. I appreciate when people lie for the better but please, just be honest. I admit, I lie too, but very little because I'm a terrible liar.

I am overprotective. When I have a boyfriend, I like to keep him away from people who might steal him, or other people who might try to separate us. My jealousy level is always high. I absolutely despise people with my name.

I often feel pity for weird things. I love animals, nut I hate rodents. I have a rodent phobia. It's weird, I know.

Relationships With Other StudentsEdit

Andre HarrisEdit

He's nice.

Beck OliverEdit


Cat ValentineEdit

Cat's annoying, but she's nice.

Jade WestEdit

She's so mean. She needs to be nicer.

Robbie ShapiroEdit

He's like a brother to me.

Tori VegaEdit

Tori is so nice and talented. She helped me so much and is like my BFF.

Trina VegaEdit

She is...interesting.

Other PeopleEdit

Michelle CaseyEdit

In 5 minutes, she got me into Ashily. THE SHIP, NOT ME.

Taylor GilbertEdit


Timothy HarthEdit

He's my boyfriend and only mine. ;D

Kill me now.Edit

She, or should I say it, comes up to people and tries to throw fail insults at them for no reason.


  • I like archery
  • I've been in 3 movies as an extra
  • I have a twin
  • I am bi
  • My favorite movie is Black Swan
  • I am allergic to mushrooms
  • I hate Twighlight
  • My favorite book is The Hunger Games
  • I'm not a person that adores kids
  • I have a fear of rodents


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