Asami Saitou
has left HA, and you cannot RP with them anymore. sorry.

Asami Saitou
General Information
Gender: Female
Age: 14
Hair Color: Usually black, sometimes dyed brown/blonde
Eye Color: Brown
Birthday: 9/12/97
Height: 5'4
Weight: 85 lbs
Address: Some apartment building.
Occupation(s): Singer, freshman year in high school
Aliases: Asami-chan(most people), Onee-san(my little stepsiblings)
Family & Friends
Family: Piko Saitou(father) Megumi Fujiota (mother), Gacktu Fujiota(stepfather), Miki Fujiota(little stepsister), Rinto Fujiota(little stepbrother)
Friends: No one but my lil' siblinggs~
Relationships: No one
Enemies: one
Other Information
Interests: Drawing, singing, anime, manga, etc.
Education: Hollywood Arts
Talent: Singing
Weaknesses: Insecurity, acting
Role-playing Information
Portrayer: Someone who's got that nerdy swag. x]


Asami Saitou – Child of Megumi Fujiota
– Student, Singer, Bad***

 – ♪So, if you go too far to tell me how much you love her, I might even slaughter your precious, pretty girl...♪

yeah, I'm gone for good. You people bore me.


Hair: Black naturally, sometimes dyed brown/blonde

Eyes: Brown

Trademark: My hair.

What else can I say? I try to stand out, and being Japanese, it's not too hard. But I still take risks with my fashion.


Piko SaitouEdit

My dad. He's the reason for the hell in my life. /end of story/

Megumi FujiotaEdit

My amazing mom. She is simply amazing. :) How else can I put it?

Gacktu FujiotaEdit

My stepfather. It's impossible not to like this guy. He's an amazing cook, he's supportive of my dream, and his kids, my stepsiblings, are so kawaii~. I like to think of him as my real dad.

Rinto and Miki FujiotaEdit

I like to think of these two as my real siblings. They're twins though. They call me Oneesan, which means Eldest Sister.


I was born in the high-pace city of Tokyo, Japan, under strict rules of living, like "Posture, posture!", and "A lady never belches in public". Sort of British for a Japanese family(no racism.). At the age of 8, I expressed interest and talent in singing. My father was having none of it, because of his pompous belief that ladies are pretty much talentless, and should stay home and look after the family. My mom showed support of my dream, divorced my father, and we moved to America, where dreams supposedly come true. We moved into an apartment, and when I was 9, my mother met a man. They got married, and now I have a stepfather and two stepsiblings, might I add, they're Japanese too. They haven't divorced, though. Which is good because I love my stepfather, and my stepbrother and sister.

Personality: Edit

Well, no one's ever told me. So I dunno. But I know one thing they've told me. If I grow to have a crush on someone, and they're in a relationship, apparently I "try to find any way to get the other girl out of the picture", especially if the guy tells me how much he loves the girl. A quote that can be used properly can be "I will burn in flames, every trace of her name".

Relationships with CharactersEdit

I DON'T KNOW YOU ALL. /endofstory/

Other CharactersEdit

No one here


  • I am awesome.
  • I like anime and manga. My favorite is Black Butler
  • My PearPhone is orange.
  • I like K-Pop. My favorite group is 2NE1

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