Anthony Martiano has left HA.
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Adrian Brees has left HA.
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Anthony's House

NOTE: This is a roleplaying location and you may start a new RP in the comments below. Have fun!
Anthony's House
Welcome to Anthony's house! He lives at 754 Mirimar Lane along with his almost-stepmom, dad, and almost-stepbrother.


Welcome to the Martiano household! Click a tab to see the members of this house.

Joseph A. Martiano: The husband of Maylene, father of Sydney and Anthony.

Jessica Brees: The girlfriend of Joseph, mother of Adrian.

    Adrian Brees: The son/daughter of Jessica. Anthony's almost-step brother and a student at HA

    Adrian Brees|Information


    Welcome to the Martiano household! Come on in!~

    Yeah, Anthony is only allowed here after taking his ADHD pills..
    Anthony's living room

    The kitchen..please, don't eat anything without permission.
    Anthonys kitchen

    This is where Anthony sleeps, does his homework, and does just about everything else at home. c: Warning: If Anthony's taking a shower in the adjoining bath, LEAVE HIM ALONE. He's easily grumpy.
    Anthonys room
    Anthonys bath

    Adrian's room. KNOCK FIRST. >.< Cuz if you don't, he's going to have to beat yo ugly self up. His words. Adrians room

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