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<i>April 3rd</i>Edit

<i>I played some pretty wicked pranks over the last few days. Most of which on Sydney. </i>

<i>List of My Latest Pranks: </i>

  • <i>On Sikowitz: Filling a coconut with prune juice. </i>
  • <i>On Sydney: I covered one of her stuffed monkeys with Grizzly Glue..and got grounded for a day. </i>
  • <i>On Sydney and all her annoying friends: They were having a slumber party. They were watching a zombie movie. Long story short, I dressed up like a zombie and scared them. </i>
  • <i>On Dad: Hid one of his ties in the medicine cabinet. (lame prank, I know. x.x) </i>
  • <i>On everyone in my house: Switched two bags in the cereal boxes. Cheerios were in the Frosted Flakes box. Frosted Flakes were in the Cheerios box. </i>

<i>March 27th</i>Edit

<i>Have to go to Sydney's half birthday party tomorrow..I'd rather just help Kyli write her new song. Oh, have you guys met Kyli Nakamura yet? She's really cool! ^ ^ </i>

<i>March 25th</i>Edit

<i>Me and my family were at the Home Depot. I said I had to go pee, so I wound up getting lost looking for the frickin' toilet! Eventually I found the Men's Room, though my ADHD medicine was starting to wear off. So, long story short? I was playing Peek-A-Boo by poking my head out the door frequently. We're banned from that particular Home Depot for life. xD </i>


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