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Annabeth,Katie and Julie's's House

My house

Annabeth,Katie and Julie's's House

NOTE: This is a roleplaying location and you may start a new RP in the comments below. Have fun!

Annabeth,Katie and Julie's's house is located on 19 Hollywood Drive,Annabeth and Julie always dont get along so dont make them go together!.

Welcome to the Chase household! Click a tab to see the residents of this house.

    Julie Chase

    Sister to Katie and Annabeth Chase.Julie1

    Catherine "Katie" Chase

    Sister to Annabeth and Julie Chase.Katie

    Bonnie Chase

    Dog to Annabeth Chase. Bonnie

    Athena Chase

    Mother to Annabeth,Julie and Katie Chase Athena

    Jack Chase

    Father to Annabeth,Julie and Katie Chase.Jack

    Welcome to the Chase's house!! Click a tab to see the residents of this house.

    Welcome to Annabeth's room! J0

    This room is bursting with rooms! Come and look!

    The Mini Library My miniThis is Annabeth's mini library,full of books.

    Sword Room SThis is Annabeth's sword room,its full of swords from her generations.She uses them for her sword-fighting camp,sword-fighting class or just for practice in her room.

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    and this page has been archived. sorry.

    Game room GrHere is where Annabeth plays games as well as her family.

    Hot tub HtHere is Annabeth's hot tub.Everyone in the family has one in their room.

    This is Julie's room,she always plays with Katie in here.

    Julie Room

    This is Katie's room,where she always hangs out. But has no time to be in it.

    Katie Room

    This is Bonnie's room,yeah thats Bonnie on the bed.

    Bonnie Roon

    This is the Parents room,obviously,here is where everything happens.


    Here is where food is served by Athena,the lovely mum.


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