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Anna Breeze
Has been kicked out for their poor attendance. You cannot RP with them anymore.


Anna -Child of Lizah Jones-Breeze and Dauwn Breeze
-Dancer, Actress,Singer

 – A relationship is not a test,so why cheat?

Hello!I'm Anna!

Anna Breeze
General Information
Gender: Female
Age: 15
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Eye Color: Brown
Birthday: 16 October 1996
Address: L.A,Hollywood.
Occupation(s): Student
Aliases: Anita,Annah
Family & Friends
Family: Lizah Jones-Breeze,Dauwn Breeze,Tesse Breeze and Court Breeze
Friends: All of them.Jenna Dart and Aliyah Winters are my besties.
Relationships: Single.
Enemies: None.Till this day.
Other Information
Interests: Magzines,Nail-Polish,etc.
Education: Drama Club.
Talent: Singing and Acting.
Weaknesses: Math:(

Hey There.I am Anna,but if you call me Anne that's Better.Check my TheSlap Profile - Anna Breeze.


Hair Colour: Dark Brown.But I will believe it's Black.

Eye Colour: Brown. Trademark: I really don't know what that is.


Mom-Lizah Jones-BreezeEdit

Me and my mom have so much fun together.We watch tv together.We cook together.We even sit on our cellphones all day together.

Dad-Dauwn BreezeEdit

My dad thinks I am strong girl,who's really smart.In his head,I get straight A's all the time,but for real,i get B+ and under all the time.

Sister-Tesse BreezeEdit

My sister is 13,and can be annoying sometimes.But still I love her so much.Even though she once spit in my soup:/

Brother-Court BreezeEdit

My Brother is 19,and he's such a nice man.He drives me to school often,which actually makes me jealous by the fact he has a car and I don't.


I was born in the district of Seattle,right 3 years after my brother.Until the age of 10,my parents decided to move to California,where we lived in San Diego for a while.At 12,we moved to L.A. where i attended HA.


My personality is sweet,nice,caring and can be not-so silent.I'm not that of a quiet person.So leave me talking with a lot of things.

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