Amelia Jenkinson
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Amelia Jenkinson ♡ -Child of Lila and Micheal Jenkinson

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Hi guys! :) My name is Amelia Jenkinson! Hope ya like my page! Come and see my TheSlap Profile here.

Amelia Jenkinson
General Information
Gender: Female
Age: 16
Hair Color: Ginger
Eye Color: Chocolate brown
Birthday: June 30th, 1996
Height: 6ft3
Weight: 41kg
Address: 9 Acron Drive
Occupation(s): Student
Aliases: Ami, Am, Ms. Wacko
Family & Friends
Family: Lila Jenkinson,(Mom) Micheal Jenkinson(Dad), Mike Jenkinson(Brother)
Relationships: Darien Shields
Pet(s): Usagi(Bunny)
Enemies: Jane Atinson, Phoebe Adams
Other Information
Interests: Reading, guitar
Education: Hollywood Arts High School
Talent: Singing, guitar, reading
Weaknesses: Street Dance
Series Information
Portrayer: Adopted



My hair used to be brown when I was 7, but then my mum took me to the hairdresser to dye it. I hated it at first, but then I got used to it. I love it down, NOT up.


I always wear my pink slick 'n' slam jacket. It's my favorite.


My eye colour is Chocolate Brown.


I'm kind, helpful and gentle, I love cleaning my room, I like the mall. I don't like school.

At SchoolEdit

I'm always A+ and top in the class.

At HomeEdit

Mostly messy, me and my brother always fight even when a visitor is around. Even my my dad is around we just don't get along with each other.


Lila JenkinsonEdit

My mom, I love her a lot, she is so kind to me, when I'm sick she is always around to help me. If she died, I'd just stab myself and go with her. My mom says I'm just like my brother.

Micheal JenkinsonEdit

My dad, I love him but I hardly see him because he went on this trip one day and I never saw him again. He sends me letters but that doesn't help. He sent me souvenirs lots of shells. I WANT TO SEE HIM! He is amazing and teaches me guitar.

Mike JenkinsonEdit

My stupid brother, I only love him a raindrop, and as I said I FIGHT WITH HIM! My Dad and I teach him guitar.


My bunny

My beautiful Bunny Usagi

, I love her too much, I talk to her when I'm sad and I always lock myself up in my room and play with her. She hates my brother just like me. HOW CUTE!


I live at 9 Acorn Drive. My new house. I use to live at 99 Linthorpe Drive. The house I use to live at. My BFF was Julia Hoffinsmurf, now I hate her. I used to go to Sacred Heart Primary School when I was 3. Then I went to Acklam Grange Secondary School. Then I went to live in America.

Then I went to Hollywood Arts, when the principal let me audition and then I joined, I was filled with joy and happiness.

Relationships with other charactersEdit

Liam ApplebyEdit

Liam is my ex boyfriend, I love-hate him, he cheated on me and his girlfriend told me that he broke up with me, so, kinda weird.

Tori VegaEdit

I'm best friends with her! Me and her always hang out.

Cat ValentineEdit

Me and Cat are like sisters, me and Tori always hang out with her.

Andre HarrisEdit

Andre loves me! How unusual, I just say he is my friend but he takes it further.

Beck OliverEdit

Me and Beck love each other but Jade takes us apart.

Jade WestEdit

Jade doesn't hate me, she likes me as a friend but she teases me about Beck but I don't take notice I just get on with my work.

Robbie ShapiroEdit

Robbie is so sweet. Why don't people like him? He took me around Hollywood Arts.

Trina VegaEdit

She is even wackier than me.


He is a weird puppet and always says to me, "Hey sugar, pucker up." Very weird indeed.

Characters RelationshipsEdit

Besties LoveEdit

Best Friends KissEdit

Good Friends LOLEdit

Friends Happy2Edit

Enemies WhateverEdit

On Temperary Truce Happy2Edit


  • One day I want to have children and call them... well I don't know...?
  • Me and Darien want to go out on a moonlight picnic.
  • I want to live at Hollywood Arts.

My PixEdit

  • Me,Colbie and my friend Brandi
  • Me wearing the necklace my sister gave me when I was born.
  • Moh!
  • Me!
  • Me,Denise and Jasmine
  • Me and the lovely Cat!
  • Me and Denise
  • Me and Miss Tori Vega!
  • Me and Jazz!
  • Me and my sis!
  • My gorgous Usagi!
  • Me and Liam!
  • Me and one of my besties Ava!
  • Me at the Easter Charity Party!
  • Me and Jason,my friend at my old school
  • Me and the lovely Colbie
  • Me with a dolphin.
  • Me and Mike
  • Me,Katy and Anthony at my birthday party!
  • Me and Adrian!!
  • Anthony,Katy,Adrian,Jamina,Me,Jasmine,Koen,Colbie,Ben and Mike

What I, The Portrayer Has to SayEdit

I love roleplaying Amelia becuse she is a lot like me. Even though I've only done it for a short amount of time, I really love her.
We're really alike besides one thing: nerdiness. We both struggle in school subjects (i.e. math and literacy) and always have.
She's really a sweet girl. She's friendly and deep and doesn't take no for an answer. She's not a nasty girl, doesn't have a dark side and thats what I like about roleplaying Amelia.
Amelia was made because a new person was needed and so that she could roleplay with Elisabeth Bell and Tori Vega at first I wanted her to be Demi Lovato but then she was taken, and Selena Gomez was taken and then I thought about Bella Thorne and that's how she was created.
A little secret about Amelia is that she didn't even tell her family that she thought her nerdiness 'till age ten. She also thinks that sometimes her mom, dad, aunt and uncle love her brother more than she does, too.
I love Mina (My other OC) but I love Amelia just the same. Amelia is about 100% Tori, 40% Beck, and 20% Trina, if that makes sense. She can be mean, hurtful, sarcastic and rude. But she's very calm and quiet. And she's always there for her friends.
And I love her so much, so I think that I'll be portraying her for a long time :-]
Plus if anybody wants to be her friend don't be afraid to ask, I'll add you to her list. :)