Aliyah Winters
Has been kicked out for their poor attendance. You cannot RP with them anymore.


♥ Ali ♥ -Child of Mary and Ted Winters
-Dancer, Actress

 – My personality depends on how you treat me.

Hey There!LEAVE if you Hate me,stay if you love me.

Aliyah Winters
General Information
Gender: Female
Age: 16.
Hair Color: Blond.Naturally.
Eye Color:
Birthday: 15 March 1996
Address: L.A.,nothing more.
Occupation(s): Student.
Aliases: Aly,Lyah.
Family & Friends
Family: Mary and Ted Winters
Friends: Anna Breeze(mah bestie)
Relationships: Single.
Enemies: None.
Other Information
Interests: In acting and Dancing
Education: Hollywood Arts
Talent: Acting.
Weaknesses: None.i think drawing.

Hello.You don't like me?LEAVE.


Hair Colour: Blonde.Super Proud. Eye Colour: Blue.or Brown.That's up to you. Trademark:

I always love wearing Girly clothes.One time,i was supposed to do a play where i am this tomboyish kid,and i like,FREAKED out.



She' actually the coolest girl i've ever seen.


I started pre-school at about 4.I didn't know i i had a good or bad time there.Problably bad.Cause kids ruled over me:(.Then i started elementary school.That's where i met this cool girl named Anna Breeze.She was the sweetest thing ever.We shared our food together when we didn't have.We did homework together.Alot of things.nowadays she is my bestie forever:).ill continue this later,k?


I'm a bubbly and sweet girl.Sometimes i can be mean and sarcastic.Sometimes.

Relationships With Other StudentsEdit

To be honest,i don't interact much with these people.

Other PeopleEdit

Other OC/Friend You Made UpEdit

Anna Breeze.You should look at this kid.She's awesome.Amelia Jenkinson.She's cool,but she left HA for some reason.

Portrayer: Kitty20

Aliyah is Cool and confident.Awesome and Great.But please,watch out with what you tell her.Cause not everything keeps her in a calm mood.


  • Almost all the kids have PearPhones or PearPad.I have a PearCell.PearCell is from the Pear company,but in the shape of a regular celular.Not like all those weird pear shaped phones.Images600
  • Max is a fluffy dog.Just putting that out there.
  • The color white is my favourite.

What's this?Your leaving my profile because you got bored?Well,here my reaction:

Tumblr lwu640JBQ31r23tzz

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