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Alexis Jessica Knight
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General Information
Gender: Female
Age: 16
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Brown
Birthday: August 15, 1996
Height: 5'6
Weight: lol
Address: lolnever
Occupation(s): Student and Actress
Aliases: Jess, Jesseh, Jessie/Jessy, the other Knight twin
Family & Friends
Family: dad, mom, her, her, hur and a lot of others.
Friends: Ana & Brad
Relationships: lol
Pet(s): Dog; Zeke
Enemies: Trina Vega
Other Information
Interests: Performing Arts, Music, Books, Greek Mythology
Education: Duh. HAHS
Talent: Acting
Weaknesses: Mleh
Role-playing Information
First appearance: Lol, since everything was created
Last appearance: NEVER
Portrayer: The other Knight twin


Hair Color: Dirty blonde

Eye Color: Brown

Trademark: Lol, what's that?

You can say, I'm pretty normal looking. I have straight dirty blonde hair, that my sister sometimes curls, and I have brown eyes. My clothes are normal, I don't usually go shopping and yeah.


Mom, DadEdit



OMG I have too many siblings. Omg.


I've lived in LA all my life, with my sister Anabella, I started performing at the age of 5, my parents got divorced when me and Anabella we're 8. My mom then moved to Alabama, then I never saw her again, when me and my sister found out about HA, we both auditioned and got in although she got in first xp.

Relationships with other charactersEdit

Tori VegaEdit


Jade WestEdit


Beck OliverEdit


Cat ValentineEdit


Robbie ShapiroEdit

Weird, even weirder because of the puppet.

Andre HarrisEdit

Same as Robbie.

Trina VegaEdit

xP Doesn't anyone wonder how she even got here?


Unlike my sisters, I'm kind of the most immature and irresponsible one. I like fangirling and I'm into sweet flicks and sappy stuff like that. But sometimes I can come off as a bitch, since I get annoyed easily and I'm competitive I'm never a good sport xD and I'm short tempered.


  • I get obsessed easily.
  • Reading is like my most favorite thing to do. (After making fun of Ana)
  • Here's the thing, I hate math.
  • I know martial arts.


just changed her last

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