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Ahn Luna Ah Ri Young
General Information
Gender: Female
Age: 16
Hair Color: Dirty Blonde, Reddish brown, Black, Red
Eye Color: Brown
Birthday: May 21 1995
Height: 5'8
Occupation(s): Student, Singer,Dancer
Aliases: Ahnnie
Family & Friends
Family: Unknown parents, Yu-Jin Young (adoptive mother), Micheal Young (adoptive father) and Gaile Young (younger sister)
Friends: Yeah, I can actually imagine myself having friends. Wow.
Relationships: Relationships.. I'm dying here brah.
Pet(s): I have lots of pets.
Enemies: Eh.
Other Information
Interests: Hosting, Performing Arts, Reading & Animes
Education: I DUNNO DO YOU?
Talent: Singing, Dancing
Weaknesses: Insecure
Role-playing Information
First appearance: Since birth
Last appearance: No.
Portrayer: Park Bom is amazing

Appearance Edit

Hair Color: Dirty Blonde, Reddish brown, Black, Red

Eye Color: Brown.

Trademark: Smile, I think

To be honest, I love clothes! I dress in different kinds, formal, casual, or something weird x]

I've started dying my hair when I was 13, the same time we moved here. I don't know why but its fun.

Family Edit

Yu-Jin YoungEdit

My mother, she's one of the only people I could trust and I just love her :) She always supported me in whatever I want to do, or to become.

Micheal YoungEdit

Daddy :) I love him, even though he isn't home much.

Gaile YoungEdit

Gaile is my younger sister, I'm really protective of her, and I like butting in to her social life. I care about her, because even though I hate my biological parents, they have a special part in me, so she's my only remembrance of them. She's also the only one that calls me Ahnnie x] and I'm the only one to call her Shemoine if your wondering why, its because she used to be addicted to Harry Potter so much and she reads 'Hermoine' as 'Shemoine' because, as she by Gaile, "her and she are the same" xD.


Ahn Bae Young, was born to two unknown parents, she was adopted by Yu-Jin and Micheal Young, when she was 2. She's lived in Korea all her life, but moved to LA when she was 13. She studied in a normal school for 2 years, but when she found out about HA, she auditioned and got in.

How I got in to HAEdit

Lol, err, auditions. I sang a song, I forgot what's its title but, yeah I sang. Then I got in.


I'm nice, if your nice to me that is, I hate it when people are racist or if they insult me/my family/my friends. I'm also really insecure.

Relationships With Other StudentsEdit

Tori VegaEdit

Lol, she doesn't like me, so I do the same with her.

Andre HarrisEdit

Heard him sing once, he's really talented.

Jade WestEdit

Bleh, she's weird and mean.

Robbie ShapiroEdit

>.< lol

Cat ValentineEdit


Beck OliverEdit


Trina VegaEdit



  • I'm Korean..duh.
  • I'm considering marrying my TV someday. xDD
  • I've hosted in different shows, but never really famous.
  • I don't really have a bias in SNSD but Taeyeon is my favorite.
  • I love Super Junior, 2NE1 and SNSD.
  • My favorite colors are dark colors. Like Midnight Blue.
  • I'm a nerd, bookworm and weirdo.</span
  • I have 3 dogs & 1 cat.
  • I'm like really, really awkward.

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