Adrian Brees
has left HA, and you cannot RP with them anymore. sorry.

/ooc: He's coming back. dun worry. xP

Adrian Brees
General Information
Gender: Male
Age: 15
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Brown
Birthday: 8/19/96
Height: 5'6
Weight: I dunno
Address: 757 Mirimar Lane
Occupation(s): Student, drummer
Family & Friends
Family: Jessica Brees, Unknown Father, the Martianos as a step-family
Friends: Anthony Martiano
Relationships: N/A
Enemies: N/A
Other Information
Interests: Drumming, rapping
Education: Hollywood Arts
Talent: Drumming, singing
Weaknesses: Math and chores
Role-playing Information
Portrayer: User:GotThatNerdySwag]

Adrian Alldatswag Brees -Child of Jessica Brees
-Drummer, Student, Rapper

 – 10:10, April 15, 2012 (UTC)

Hey! Wassup? Name's Adrian!Go on and read my page. Or exit out of the tab. Your call. :P


Hair Colour: Black

Eye Colour: Brown

Trademark: Swaggy look

I dunno what to put here..I dress like I have swag..which I do. Obviously.


Jessica BreesEdit

My mom. She's always been there for me. But you know her as a model. Yep, she can be a mom and a model.

Unknown DadEdit

My dad left my mom before I was born. Mom later told me he was killed not too long after abandoning her. So what goes around comes around, sevenfold.

Catherine BreesEdit

My aunt died when I was 12. It was hard on me, since we were really close.

Joseph MartianoEdit

I guess he's technically my stepdad, since we're moving in with him...

Anthony MartianoEdit

Technically my step-brother. He has a sister, which isn't my almost-stepsister cuz she isn't actually related to's complicated.


I was born and raised in a house in a neighborhood in Hollywood, with a single mother with no idea who my dad was. He might be dead. I went to Burbank before transferring to HA recently. Because Mom's boyfriend's son Anthony goes there and I have a talent for drumming. We're moving into the Martiano house, since Joseph got a divorce or something


I'm nice and I'm pretty normal compared to Anthony. But we still became best friends.

Relationships With Other StudentsEdit

Andre HarrisEdit

Nothing to describe. I've had a couple classes with him. But there's nothing friendship-wise.

Beck OliverEdit

Beck seems like a nice guy. I have Improv with him..although if I'm not an actor, why am I in acting classes? xD

Cat ValentineEdit

Cat's alright. Her hair? Wicked.

Jade WestEdit

I dunno. Never talked to her.

Robbie ShapiroEdit

I don't know too much about Robbie..

Tori VegaEdit

Tori's extremely nice.

Trina VegaEdit

Ech. Trina. She's rude. Untalented. If she wasn't a girl, I'd swing down on her! FOR REAL.

Students at Hollywood Arts.Edit

Koen RedmundEdit

I am not this kid's babysitter. >.> He keeps on insisting I am. [You are even if you say you aren't you are. But don't worry I'll tell everybody.] Seriously, Koen? status: sorta friends

Ashley HudsonEdit

Ashley's really cool. She has awesome hair..not to mention she's funny...and I kinda like her...status: Crushing


  • I'm ashamed to still have a PearPhone GX. Everyone else has an XT
  • I'm lazy.
  • I'm in a band called Falling Up. I'm a drummer.
  • I'm religious. Nothing wrong with that.
    • Me and my bro Tony.
    • I dunno HOW we got Tony to do this. We all had a laugh though. 'cept for Tony...
    • Ta-dahh

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