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Adam Benson
has left HA, and you cannot RP with them anymore. sorry.

Adam Caleb Benson
General Information
Gender Male
Age 18
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Date of Birth January 31, 1995
Height 6'0
Weight Haha, no. :)
Address Nice try, stalker. :P
Occupation(s) Unemployed
Relationships with Others
Family Albert Benson (estranged father)
Aubree Andrews (mother)
Alicia Benson (younger sister)
Dylan Andrews (step-father)
Drake Andrews (step-brother)
Daria Andrews (step-sister)
Aiden & Dana Benson-Andrews (twin half-siblings)
Friends Alison Berish, Stefanie Park, Echo Alexander
Romances Scarlet Evans (ex-girlfriend)
Alison Berish
(ex-girlfriend; ex-fianceé)
Enemies Many, many people.
Personal Information
School Unnamed high school
Hollywood Arts High School
Columbia University (future)
Talent(s) Acting, Rapping, Dancing
Weaknesses Grades; Bipolarism
Role-playing Information
First Appeared 7/23/12
Portrayed by  coreyy ♔message my wall. xD  and Luke Bilyk.


Don't Judge Me. – Child of suckish parents.
You're hearing rumors about me, and you can't stomach the thought of someone touching my body, when you're so close to my heart. I won't deny what they're saying, because most of it is true, but it was all before I fell for you.

 So, please don't judge me, and I won't judge you, 'cause it could get ugly, before it gets beautiful. Please don't judge me, and I won't judge you, and if you love me, then let it be beautiful.

The name's Adam. I'm just a fun-loving senior with a very tainted reputation, and the most horrible love-life ever.

Appearance Edit

  • Hair Colour: Brown
  • Eye Colour: Brown
  • Trademark: Niceness, bad reputation.

I dress cool. I don't really look through my closet, okay? I find something awesome and throw it on.

Family Edit

Albert Benson Edit

Yeah, I never really see him anymore, since my mom divorced him and she won custody.

Aubree Andrews Edit

She hates me. She thinks that I'm too cocky and rude. If anyone's rude, it's her. Frickin' wazzbag. I'm slightly irritated with her atm because just haaad to have another baby, and sadly, they were twins.

Alicia Benson Edit

Ugh. Man, this girl is irritating. But, I love and protect her, sometimes. She's coming here soon, so don't you mess with her.

Dylan Andrews Edit

A pretty cool step-dad. I love this guy.

Drake Andrews Edit

My new step-bro. He's cool. I think my mom likes him better than me. Eh, I don't even curr. He was here for like a week, but then he left to find himself, became a strict Christian, and all he does now is walk around barefoot with his new long dreads. I tend to ignore him now-a-days.

Daria Andrews Edit

My new little sister. She's Alicia 2.0, if you ask me, but I prefer her. Her and Alicia are gonna be in the new crop of niners, so um, yeah.

Aiden & Dana Andrews Edit

The new twins. They're cute, but loud and irritating. They've been here for almost a year, and I haven't gotten in much sleep since.

History Edit

Born in Toronto, I lived there until I was 12. Then, as a surprise 13th birthday present, I was moved to California, against my will. I spent my 8th grade year at a school with Tyler Blue, who I automatically disliked. So, my freshman year was at some other arts school that I got expelled from. Since I got expelled in the beginning of that year, I didn't get any credits. Now, I'm at Hollywood Arts, trying to be nicer. Well, recently, my mom married a new guy and had a baby, so I'm just trying to adjust to the much bigger family I have to deal with for the next year.

Personality Edit

I'm cool to hang around, if I don't hate you. I'm bipolar, so I'm kinda moody. I love girls. I can't say I'm a flirt, or am I? I'm funny, I love to crack jokes and be sarcastic. I'm just your typical 12th grader with "issues". Think you can handle me?

Relationships With Other Students Edit

Andre Harris Edit


Beck Oliver Edit

Too full of himself.

Cat Valentine Edit

She's cute. Her hair is awesome.

Jade WestEdit

She's hot. I'd date her.

Robbie Shapiro Edit

Weirdo. I stole his puppet and fed his arm to this dog that wanders my neighborhood.

Tori Vega Edit

Ugh. Too perfect. She's a Mary Sue.

Trina Vega Edit


Other People Edit

Her. BummedEdit

Best Friends Happy2Edit

Trivia Edit

  • I'm a recovering bipolarist. (I don't know the term for bipolar people.)
  • I'm trying to better myself this year, due to all the drama I caused last year.
  • I'm single. Booo. D:
  • I got accepted to Columbia University's art division on a full scholarship.
  • I'm coming back next year on a reduced schedule, because I'm missing some credits. So, I had to defer my admission into Columbia, and I'm not going until the year after next.


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