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Okay, well, I was going to make a what I hate/complaints blog, but then I realized I didn't wanna make one of those because I think we already have enough. IDK. I just didn't want to make one. Credits to Jade.
  1. I love Evanescence. Like, a lot. Their music isn't too dark, isn't too bright, it's just awesome. And, it's rock. Rock is just.. I can't describe it.
  2. I love TheSlap. I know it's an odd thing for me to love, but I do. You can interact well with people and it's just more awesome than, I don't know, MySpace.
  3. I love horror movies. They're just so dark, and.. interesting. But I love comedy too. :3
  4. I love loving things people hate. I just find it funny...
  5. I love scissors. They're just epic and you can hurt your enemies with them.
  6. I love Coldplay. Not as much as Evanescence, but they're still awesomesauce.
  7. Oh, and I love hating things people love. Okay, this one isn't true. But I'm struggling with this.
  8. I love April Fools. Because you have an excuse to insult people. /shot/
  9. I love the summertime. Because there's no school. I love HA and my friends. But, my enemies there make me want to jump off a cliff.
  10. I love getting called mean/freaky. Because it makes me laugh when girls like that call me mean.

That's all for what I love. There's probably something I forgot. And don't go hating on me for what I love.

Abigail Lockwood ~ That Rebellious Girl.</div> </div>

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